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The PharmaSmart DataSmart® Portal provides full kiosk management, collaborative care integrations, and data solutions to our Partners.

We provide robust development tools for integration partners, collaboration platforms for data sharing, strategic reporting architecture, and solution flexibility.

PS-2000 Kiosk Platform

The PS-2000 kiosk is a full featured, networked blood pressure kiosk designed with complete scalibility and interoperabilty to support collaborative care models.

Our kiosk integrates patented Smart Card biometric tracking, proven accuracy, and innovative design.

Online Reporting & Analytics

PS DataSmart® provides both static and interactive reports with data that can be translated into graph­ics, charts, and illustrations to simplify the communication of complex metrics.

PS DataSmart® Dashboards contain aggregated strategic company data, com­parable presentations, and consolidated perfor­mance indicators.

Mobile Friendly

BPT-Mobile™ supports your busy lifestyle. 

PharmaSmart's BPT-Mobile™ Applications provide immediate access to your personal Blood Pressure Tracker page using your phone or tablet devices. 

Wireless Kiosk 2000D
Wireless Connectivity

PharmaSmart kiosks are internet connected and easily managed using cellular wireless solutions. Enabling this connection option does not require any customer IT resources.

PharmaSmart manages kiosk configurations, new educational media. immediate data transfers from the kiosk to PS DataSmart® servers, and real-time kiosk health status alerts.

Custom Integrations for Collaborative Care

The PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Tracker Plugin for Microsoft .Net is a Windows Forms Control which provides an easy integration path for partners who develop their EMR/MTM/PHR applications within the Microsoft .Net WinForms or WPF environments.

Smart Card Technology

PharmaSmart has patented Smart Card technology. Each Smart Card stores your blood pressure readings and is 100% confidential.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Our Blood Pressure Tracker provides access to all your Smart Card readings on-line. It will send e-mail notifications for overdue reads, send your last read and blood pressure averages, and can send you SMS text messages.

It's easy to share your personal BPT page with your health care provider. Like our PS-2000 kiosk and Smart Card, the Blood Pressure Tracker is easy to use and 100% confidential.

Developer Integration Toolkits

PharmaSmart is committed to providing solutions and resources to enable the integration of the PharmaSmart platform into the vast array of MTM, EMR, PHR and other 3rd Party health related systems.

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Health Kiosk Management

PharmaSmart helps you maximize the value of your Health Kiosk network using advanced "machine to machine" protocol.  Remote device management services include:

  • Immediate HIPAA compliant patient data transfer to PS DataSmart®
  • Real-time kiosk status alerts to minimize down time
  • On demand upload of custom content
  • Remote option configurations (languages, printing, patient alerting, etc)
  • Remote software updates and feature improvements
Health Data Interoperability
EMR MTM Plugin

PharmaSmart offers our healthcare partners full data interoperability. Our development focus is on provider workflow to ensure patient data is HIPAA compliant, relevant, reliable, and workflow sensitive. We provide robust development tools for integration partners, collaboration platforms for data sharing, and a high degree of solution oriented flexibility.

  • Software Plugins enabling full practice integration
  • Designed to meet clinical workflow requirements
  • API Licensing and support for 3rd party application development
  • Collaborative Care Project Design and Support
PS DataSmart® Analytics

PharmaSmart provides clients with live, transparent access to program metrics through the DataSmart™ analytics engine. PS DataSmart® analytics allows you to track kiosk usage, program enrollment rates, hypertension stratification & trends, and other metrics to validate the program and inform strategies. The DataSmart® analytics tool uniquely validates program growth and helps maximize resource management efficiency.

  • Real time program analytics
  • Dashboards containing performance indicators
  • Interactive analysis tools with robust graphing features
  • HIPAA compliant, granular patient-level data
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