PharmaSmart is a world leader in the design, production, and distribution of innovative blood pressure kiosks, health data analytics, and partner integrations. Our suite of solutions assists in the detection and management of hypertension. Our products and services are used by pharmacies, worksites, and medical clinics across North America, administering over 65 million BP tests each year.

Our kiosks, integrations, and analytics solutions revolutionalize the way blood pressure data is managed -- improving hypertension awareness, prescription compliance, physician reporting and patient outcomes.

PharmaSmart is committed to advancing on-site pharmacy care and collaborative care models. We help our partners deliver an enrollment based hypertension management program that sets a new clinical care standard. The PharmaSmart program offers the patient a value-added choice, the pharmacist an opportunity to counsel, and the doctor an innovative tool in the management of a patient's disease state.

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